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The Secret Fleet also now on Android May 2014
Tales of Honor: The Secret Fleet now available for iOS May 2014
Tales of Honor: The Secret Fleet Trailer Apr 2014
David Weber, Matt Hawkins, Scott Kroopf, Richard Brown... Apr 2014
Have you seen this? Feb 2014
Comic Book Resources Preview Page... Feb 2014
Tales of Honor Press Release Jan 2014
For those who are asking about the next Honorverse title... Jan 2014
Baen Announcement Dec 2013
Treecat Wars Reflections Aug 2013


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Upcoming South Carolina Signing

  • Series: General
  • Date: September 13, 2011

On Sept 15th, at 2pm, David will be signing at the Joint Base Exchange in Charleston, SC. Located at 101 Lawson Drive, Bldg 1990, the base REQUIRES THAT YOU HAVE A MILITARY ID in order to attend.