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Weberverse YouTube Channel Aug 2017
At the Sign of Triumph has been released Nov 2016
Baen Podcast with David Weber and Joelle Presby Mar 2016
Three Hoarsemen Interview Part 2 Mar 2016
Three Hoarsemen Interview with David Weber and Joelle Presby Feb 2016
Multiverse Book Giveaway Jan 2016
Podcast on Science, Religion, and Sci-Fi Aug 2015
Jane Lindskold's Artemis series contest Jul 2015
Tales of Honor: Bred to Kill Jun 2015
Final Facets of Honor Webcomic May 2015


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Anyone in Omaha, Nebraska...

  • Series: General
  • Date: July 21, 2011

...might want to drop in and visit David at this weekend's OsFest. It looks to be a great Con, and he's looking forward to seeing everyone. As always, the first person to bring him a bag of black licorice will win his undying gratitude and a free t-shirt!