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Book Reviews

The following book reviews have been reproduced with permission for your reading enjoyment.

Date Title Reviewer  
January 1999 The Apocalypse Troll Publisher's Weekly <read>
October 2004 The Shadow of Saganami Publisher's Weekly <read>
February 2002 The Shiva Option Publisher's Weekly <read>
April 2005 We Few Publisher's Weekly <read>
September 2002 War of Honor Publisher's Weekly <read>
January 1999 Worlds of Honor Publisher's Weekly <read>
September 2009 Worlds of Weber Publisher's Weekly <read>
June 2009 By Heresies Distressed Publisher's Weekly <read>
September 2009 In Fury Born Publisher's Weekly <read>
June 2014 A Call to Duty Publisher's Weekly <read>
January 2002 1633 Publishers Weekly <read>
November 2006 Hell's Gate Publishers Weekly <read>
November 2005 At All Costs Publishers Weekly <read>
July 2011 A Beautiful Friendship Publishers Weekly <read>
December 2013 Like A Mighty Army Publishers Weekly <read>
June 1993 The Honor of the Queen Philadelphia Weekly Press <read>
April 2006 Bolo! Locus <read>
September 1998 Echoes of Honor Locus <read>
July 2011 A Beautiful Friendship Locus <read>
January 2002 The Excalibur Alternative Library Journal <read>